Deleting Receipts & Expenses from the Wallet

Receipts and expenses added to an expense report move out of your My Certify Wallet to the expense report. You can easily delete them from your My Certify Wallet, and it does not affect any expense reports being processed.

This article shows you how to delete an item from your Certify Wallet.

Your organization may restrict the ability to delete imported credit card expenses from Certify. If you need to delete a read-only expense, contact your Certify Administrator.

1. On your account homepage, under My Certify Wallet, select More Items.


2. On the Certify Wallet, select the checkbox of the receipt or expenses you want to delete.

To select multiple items, select the checkbox next to each one. Or to select all, choose the top checkbox.


3. Click Delete at the bottom of the page to remove the selected items.

Corporate credit card transactions cannot be recovered. Small Business card transactions can be recovered via the Get Transactions button. 


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