Editing Receipts & Expenses in the Wallet

The Certify Wallet is where all receipts and expenses are stored before being added to an expense report. Details are presented from manual entry, or from Emburse Receipt Transcription, our in-house OCR technology. 

Occasionally, you may need to edit item details in your Wallet if they are incorrect. This article shows you how to edit items within the Certify Wallet.

Your organization may restrict imported credit card expenses as read-only, and those expenses may not be able to be changed.

1. On your account homepage, select More Items under My Certify Wallet.


2. Click View Details to expand details for all rows, or an individual arrow to expand a single row to the detailed view. 


3. Click Edit Item for the specific receipt line. 


4. All fields will be available for changes. Make your edits and click Save.


After clicking Edit Item, Certify will also prompt if any required details are missing, similar to using the Cleanup Wizard.


5. New edits will be available in the Certify Wallet




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