Using ReportExecutive

Certify ReportExecutive automatically builds expense reports for you by merging all of the receipts and expenses in your Certify Wallet. Once the expense report has been built, you will receive an email letting you know that the expense report needs to be reviewed and submitted. 

If your Certify Administrator has already set your ReportExecutive schedule, your ReportExecutive section will note the Build Day schedule. The Build Day is the pre-selected day that ReportExecutive will create your expense report by merging all of your receipts and expenses currently in your Certify Wallet that are within the date range indicated in the ReportExecutive settings.

Please Note: If your Certify Administrator has not configured ReportExecutive for you, you can set your own schedule. See Setting an Individual ReportExecutive Schedule.

1. For ReportExecutive to run, you will need to have receipts and expenses in your Certify Wallet. If you have a credit card linked to your Certify account, expenses may be automatically imported to your Certify Wallet. You can add receipts and expenses using any of the methods listed in the Add Receipts section of your account homepage.


2. On the ReportExecutive Build Day, a draft expense report will be created from the receipts and expenses in your Certify Wallet. The draft expense report will be available in your account for you to review and submit under My Expense Reports


3. On your account homepage, select Drafts under My Expense Reports, and on the next page, click the expense report name you want to review. You may need to use the Link Receipts Wizard, Cleanup Wizard, or add expenses and receipts that were not included by ReportExecutive. When you have finished reviewing your draft expense report, select Submit for Approval.


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