Adding a UK Mileage Expense

After the UK Mileage Rates have been configured, they can be used for new mileage expenses.

This article shows you how to add a UK Mileage Expense to an expense report. 

1. On your Certify homepage, click Drafts to open a draft expense report.


2. Click the name of the draft expense report you'd like to edit.


3. Scroll down to the Add Expense box and select the appropriate mileage expense category.


4. If you have selected a UK Company Care Mileage Rate, select an Engine Type from the drop-down menu.


Please Note: The Engine Type is only applicable when the user selects a category using a UK Company Car mileage rate.

5. Select the number of Passengers.


Please Note: If you travel with more than the maximum allowed number of passengers, contact your Certify Administrator to raise the Maximum Passenger limit. 

6. Once the rest of the expense has been filled out, click Save.


The mileage expense appears in the expense report.


If you select the blue arrow under the Details column, the Mileage Rate, Engine Type, and number of Passengers will appear. The user will be reimbursed based on the engine type selected and the number of passengers. 


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