Configuring UK Mileage Rates

The Certify United Kingdom (UK) Mileage Rate feature enables your company to choose the appropriate reimbursement rate for business-related automobile use. These rates are recommended by the UK Government and are updated regularly by Certify. 

This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, how to create a Mileage Reimbursement Rate for personal or company use within the UK. 

In order to utilize the UK mileage rates, the Certify Administrator needs to configure any Mileage Expense Categories needed. 

Please Note: There can be only one Reimbursement Rate assigned to each Expense Category.

1. On your Certify homepage, click the gear icon.


2. Under General, click Personal Automobile Use.


3. Click Create a New Rate.


Please Note: Mileage expenses will default to the IRS standard business rate until a new rate is created and assigned to an expense category.

4. Enter a Rate Name for the new Personal Automobile Use Reimbursement Rate.


5. Click the Expense Category drop-down menu and select the matching Mileage Expense Category.


6. For Rate Details, select one of the pre-populated UK mileage rates.


Please Note: The mileage rate UK Personal Cars and Vans has a built it secondary mileage rate, which applies automatically after the user has exceeded 10,000 miles driven during the fiscal year. The UK fiscal year starts on April 6th and ends on April 5th of the following year, in accordance with HMRC guidelines.


7. Once a mileage rate has been selected, click Save.


Enabling Passenger Payments

If UK Company Cars or UK Personal Cars and Vans are selected, the Certify Administrator has the option to Enable Passenger Payments.

Enabling Passenger Payments allows users to be reimbursed an additional 5 pence per passenger per mile, in accordance with HMRC Guidelines


The Certify Administrator can also assign a Maximum Passenger number that establishes the limit of passengers a user can claim in a vehicle. 


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