Adding NPI Physicians and Organizations

Certify integrates with the US National Provider Identifier (NPI) database, helping companies comply with healthcare reform legislation. This feature enables companies to track expenses and invoices relating to physician relations and marketing efforts for other licensed health care professionals. 

After a Certify Administrator creates the NPI Expense Category, employees can use it to submit NPI Expenses with physician attendees

This article shows you how to search for a physician, organization, or health care provider and add them to an expense.

1. On your Certify homepage, click Drafts to open a draft expense report.


2. Click the name of the expense report to open it.


3. In the Add Expenses box, select the appropriate expense category. Once you choose the expense category, the Physician search field appears.

Please Note: NPI expense categories are created by your internal Certify Administrator and naming is unique to your company. For example, it may appear as Meal-Physician or NPI Meal.


4. Click in the Physician field to open three search fields:

  • Last, Org, or NPI: Search for a physician by entering their last nameorganization name, or 10-digit NPI Number.
  • First: Enter the physician's first name.
  • State: Enter the state where the physician practices. 


5. Click Find.


6. Click the name of the correct physician to add the physician to the expense. Enter the remaining expense information and click Save.


Alternatively, you can search by organization. Enter the organization's name in the Physician search field and click Find


Click the name of the correct organization to add. Enter the remaining information in the fields provided and click Save.


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