Creating a GSA Per Diem Expense

The General Services Administration (GSA) establishes per diem rates for destinations within the continental United States. Certify has integrated the GSA per diem rates into our product through GSA Per Diem Categories. This article shows you how to create a new GSA per diem expense. 

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Using the Per Diem Wizard

1. On your account homepage, create a new expense report or open an existing Draft expense report. 


2. If you have already added a receipt image, select Add next to the receipt under My Certify Wallet.


3. Click edit or use the Cleanup Wizard to enter applicable details. 


4. In the Add Expense box, select a GSA Per Diem Category from the drop-down menu. 


5. Start typing in the Destination field until a list of search results are displayed; select the Destination from the search results list. If your destination is not displayed in the list, select Unlisted.


6. Enter the remaining expense details. Click the Travel Day checkbox if you are reporting meal expenses for a day you traveled. This checkbox will only be available for certain GSA meals Per Diem expense categories. When all details have been entered, click Save.


7. The reimbursable amount will be automatically calculated based on the destination selected and the GSA reimbursement type your company has configured. 


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