Activating the AP Offset Feature

The AP Offset feature adds an Offset Line for a reversing entry against each detail exported. The offest line is automatically added for each invoice detail exported to balance your entry.

The AP Offset feature must first be enabled by a Certify AP Administrator prior to its use in the Custom Export Builder templates.

This article shows you, a Certify AP Administrator, how to activate the AP Offset feature.

1. On your Certify AP Administrator homepage, click the gear icon


2. Find the root company department and click Company Preferences.


3. Scroll to Invoice Export Settings and activate AP Offset by clicking the checkbox.


4. Select an AP Offset GL Account that will be used when an Offset Line is created.


The AP Offset GL Account will appear in the GL Code data field for the Offset Line or in the Account Number data field if they are added to the template.


View our Help Center article for further information on using the AP Offset Feature with Custom Export Builder.

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