Managing Invoice OCR

Certify AP is releasing a new beta version of the Invoice OCR feature. This feature allows clients to upload or email their vendor invoices to Certify AP, extract key invoice data automatically, and quickly enter it into the system.  

This article shows you, a Certify AP Administrator, the steps needed to configure the Certify Invoice OCR feature.

To enable or disable this feature, please get in touch with your company's Customer Success Manager or AP Support team. 

Once Invoice OCR has been enabled, the AP Administrator must configure a few settings.

1. Click the Gear icon on the Certify AP homepage. 


2. Select the root department of the company, and open the Company Preferences tab. 


3. Scroll down to the Invoice Capture Settings section.


There are two settings that need to be configured:

  • Default GL Account -- Select a GL Account that new products will default to when it is created.
  • Default Category -- Select a product category that new products will default to when it is created.

4. Click Save to complete the changes.



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