Setting a No Limit + 1 Approver

No Limit Approver is an approver who can approve a transaction of any amount. A No Limit + 1 Approvers can approve or disapprove transactions that the No Limit Approver submits. No Limit Approvers are set within Signature Authority Form (S.A.F.) approval chains. In order set a No Limit + 1 Approver you must first set up a No Limit Approver within your S.A.F. For instructions on how to do so, click here.

This article will show you, a Certify Administrator, how to set a No Limit + 1 Approver.

1. Within your Department Settings page in Certify AP, click the Company Preferences tab.


2. Scroll to the Routing Controls section and the "No Limit" Approval Checking checkbox:

  • Mark the checkbox to require approval for the submitted transactions of the No Limit Approver.
  • Unmark the checkbox to enable the No Limit Approver to submit transactions without needing approval.


3. Click Save.


4. Click the S.A.F tab.


5. A warning messages appears at the top of the page. Click Choose "No Limit" final approver from beneath the warning message.


6. Choose an approver's name from the list. This approver will approve the No Limit Approver's Purchase Requisitions.


7. The S.A.F tab now shows that the approver you selected is the No Limit + 1 Approver (or the No Limit final approver).


8. To set a No Limit + 1 Approver for Invoices, select the Invoices tab and repeat the above steps.


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