Managing Project Budgets

Certify AP allows companies to create and edit the budgets for each department at the project level, rather than at the GL level. This feature enables spend tracking through project budgets, as well as running reports on project spend versus the project budget. 

This article shows you, a Certify AP user with the Configure Budgets permission, how to view and edit your company’s project budgets. 


1. Log into Certify AP and open the Budgeting tab. Next, click the Project Budgets tile.

2. The Project Budget page opens.


3. Select the Fiscal Year and Department dropdowns to filter which project budgets amounts should appear. 


Please Note:

  • If a company chooses to restrict projects by department, each department page shows only the projects associated with that department.
  • If a company does not restrict projects by department, all departments show the same projects.

4. After selecting a department and fiscal year, click Submit.


A table displaying the budget figures for the Projects in this department appears below.





Project Name, Project Number, ERPID

The name, number, and ERPID of this project

Q1: Jan, Feb, Mar, etc

The budgetary amounts for each month in each quarter.


The total budgetary amount for this project for this fiscal year.


Click the Edit (mceclip5.png) icon in any row to edit the budgetary amounts for that project.


Editing Project Budgetary Information

1. On the Project Budget page, click the Edit (mceclip5.png) icon in the Project’s row.


2. Add monthly budget amounts by entering them in the fields provided.


To copy the first month’s budget amount to all other months, in that fiscal year, enter the first month’s budget amount and click the Replicate (mceclip9.png) iconmceclip10.pngThe first month’s amount is replicated for each month.


To divide the Total budget evenly between the months of the year, scroll right to see the Total column. Enter the new total in the Total column and click the Distribute (mceclip12.png) icon.


Certify AP divides the amount in the Total column by 12 and assigns an equal amount to each month.

3. After entering the budget amounts for the Project, click Update.


Uploading Project Budgets via Setup Utilties

 If needed, a Certify AP Administrator can upload project budgetary amounts via Setup Utilties.

1. On the Certify AP Home page, click the Gear icon on the top right. When the AP Configuration page opens, select Setup Utilities


2. The Data Import page opens. Click Start Import.


The Create Import page opens. Use this page to upload and configure the data.

3. Download the Data Import Template and use the Project Budgets worksheet to upload the budget amounts.


Please Note: Full Account Number format should be DepartmentCode-ProjectERPID.


4. Once the upload file is ready, follow the steps in the SetupUtilties to upload the project budgets.

Analyzing Project Spend vs. Budget

Once you upload your Project Budgetary amount, there are a few places to track project spend vs. budget amount.

Project Report

1. On the Reporting tab select Project Report from under the Spending Reports section. 

2. The Project Report page opens. Use the following search fields to choose what information to pull into the report:



Search Field


List by

Select one of the radio buttons to list projects by:

●      Department

●      Project


Click on the drop-down menu and select a department.

Date Range

Enter the time period in which to search for spending or click on the drop-down menu and select a date range.


Mark this checkbox to consolidate (combine) the projects for the department you chose and its child (sub) departments. If this checkbox is not marked, the report only shows projects for the department itself.

Transactions to Include in Report

Mark the checkbox of each transaction  to include in this report


3. Click Run Report.


The Project Report opens below the page.


Project Budget Report

During the approval process, an approver can add a Project Budget Report.

1. In the Approval Inbox, click a transaction to view the details.

2. The detail transaction view will open. Click the tri-dot menu next to the Process button. 

3. Select Budget Report from the drop-down menu. 

4. The Project Budget Report appears at the bottom of the page. 



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