Managing User Allowances

Certify AP enables companies to set spending allowances for specific users. After your company sets an amount that a user can spend, Certify AP tracks the user's spending and compares it to their allowance.

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable Employee, how to create and edit User Allowances.

1. On your Certify homepage, click the down arrow next to Certify then click AP.


2. This is your Certify AP dashboard. Click the Budgeting tab.


3. In the Budgeting box, click Configure/View User Allowances.


4. The View and Edit Budget Figures page opens. Select which fiscal year you'd like to view from the drop-down list, then click Submit.


5. To edit a user's allowance, click the pencil icon in that user's row.


6. Add monthly budget amounts by entering them in the fields provided. When complete, click Update.


7. The updated User Allowance appears. You can edit this User Allowance at any time during the fiscal year.


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