Enabling Certify Payments for Certify AP

With Certify Payments, companies can quickly and easily pay Invoices through direct deposit to a vendor's bank account domestically and internationally, in a variety of currencies. Additionally, if Pay By Check is used, paper checks can be sent directly to vendors in cases where electronic payments are not needed.

This article shows you, a Certify AP Administrator, how to configure Certify Payments.

To use Certify Payments:

  • You must work with your Customer Success Manager to enable Certify Payments for your account.
  • Your company must use Certify AP (and not Certify Invoice).
  • All vendors must have a Payment Method indicated on their vendor record.
  • A Certify Treasurer must be established for your company on the Certify Expense side.

Enabling Certify Payments for Certify AP

1. On your Certify AP homepage, click the gear icon.


2. On the Configuration page, click the name of the company-level (the highest department level - usually the name of your company).


3. Click the Company Preferences tab.


4. Scroll down to Invoice Payment Settings. If you do not see Invoice Payment Settings on this page, contact your Support.


5. In the Invoice Payments section, mark the Certify Payments radio button. Marking this activates Certify Payments so vendors with the electronic or check payment method and correct banking information are reimbursed through Certify Payments.


6. In the Emails to Notify field, enter the email address of every employee who should receive email notifications when a payment succeeds or fails to process. 


7. Scroll down and click Save.


8. Now, your company can pay Invoices using Certify Payments. To ensure the Invoice payments are sent to the correct bank accounts, on the Add/Edit Vendors page, make sure you or another employee enters the banking information for each vendor that will be reimbursed through Certify Payments.

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