Locked Approval Workflow

With Locked Approval Workflow, administrators assign the workflow path for each user. The workflow path includes all required approvers and an accountant for each submitted expense report. 

This article will show you how to configure and use Locked Approval Workflow

Please Note: The Locked Approval Workflow option provides many extra configuration choices. For more information, see Locked Approval Workflow Options

1. On your account homepage, click the gear icon and then select View and Edit Policy.


2. Under the Approval Workflow Method area, use the drop-down menu to select Locked Approval Workflow. Click Save.


3. In the Configuration tab, click View and Edit Users


4. Select a User Profile


5. Assign the appropriate approver and accountant for this user. 


With locked approval workflow, users will view an email notification preview after clicking Submit on an expense report. This preview will note whom will be receiving their expense report for review. 


Approvers will follow the same pattern while approving reports. Once an expense report is approved, they will view a similar email notification preview after clicking Approve Report. This preview will note whom will be receiving the expense report next. 


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