Bulk Updating User Information

Administrators can update users' approvers or email addresses in Certify in bulk using the Bulk Update tools.

To update additional account information in bulk, use the Import Records tool.

Bulk Updating User Records

1. From your Certify homepage, navigate to the Configuration screen by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. 


2. In the Certify Tools section, select Import Records.

import records

3. Select the Users import from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Next to start importing user records. On the import page, you will see a list of fields that you can import to update your user records. At a minimum, you must include each user’s Email, First Name, Last Name, and Dept Name, as well as any additional fields you would like to import. 

If some fields are not applicable, administrators should still include them in the Header line but can leave the value blank. 

User Import Fields.png

For administrators including the Emp GLD headers, you can find what you've named each Employee GLD under the View and Edit Users page.

We recommend using one of the following approaches to import User data:

  • Download a spreadsheet with user information from your HR system, update the headers to match the provided headers, delete any columns that should not apply to Certify fields provided, and fill in any information that you aren't tracking in your HR system.
  • Download your current user information in Certify, make adjustments, and re-upload the information into Certify to apply the changes. To download existing user information from Certify, click Download

Download User File.png

5. Paste the user information you would like to upload, including headers, into the field provided. 


6.  Choose from the options below.

optional selections

  • Notification Emails: Enter the email addresses that you would like the import summary to be sent to.
  • User Key: Choose which value Certify should key on to match existing Certify users with your file for the import.
  • Promote Approvers: In most cases, you should check this box. This option will assign users that are the first level approver for another user to a manager role if they are currently assigned an employee role. 
  • Incompatible Approvers: In most cases, you should check this box. This option will give you a list of users who you attempted to assign as approvers or accountants who are unable to fulfill that position because they don't have an appropriate Certify user role.
  • Send Welcome Emails: Check this box to send welcome emails to all users in the import who have not received a welcome email before. 
  • Deactivate Absents: Check this box to deactivate all users that do not exist in the uploaded file. Only use this option if your list contains all users who should have access to Certify.
  • Key on Dept Name: Check this box when user departments you are importing do not have a code. If this box is unchecked, updates will automatically key on department codes. Use this option if your file does not include Department Codes.
  • Auto-Create Department: Check this box if you want to add new departments to Certify if a user in your list has a department listed that does not exactly match an existing department in Certify.

7. To preview what the system will accept, make sure the Commit Changes is set to No, as shown below, then click Next.

commit changes

8. Confirm that the import will work as expected and click Back

9. To import the data, set the Commit Changes drop-down to Yes, and click Next

commit changes

An email notification and import summary will be sent to the email that you provided once the import is complete. 

Bulk Updating Approvers

1. On your Certify homepage, click the gear icon.


2. Under Certify Tools, select Update Approvers.


3. The Approvers/Accountants Bulk Update page opens. Copy and paste the necessary data from a preferred spreadsheet software into the textbox provided:

  • User Email
  • Approver’s Email
  • Second Level Approver’s Email
  • Accountant’s Email


If a user should not have a second-level Approver or Accountant, use {remove} in place of a user's email. Values left blank will be ignored.


4. Click Next when finished. A confirmation page opens with details of the changes. 


Bulk Updating User Email Addresses

1. On your Certify homepage, click the gear icon.


2. Under the Certify Tools section, select Update Emails.


3. The Email Bulk Update page opens. Copy and paste the necessary data from a preferred spreadsheet software into the field provided.

Please Note: Users’ old email addresses are listed under the left column, while new addresses should be in the right, as shown below.


4. Click the Next button when finished. A confirmation page opens with details of the changes.  If an error occurs, confirm whether the ‘old’ email exists in the system and if the data is correctly formatted. 


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