Special Role Permissions Overview

There are four Special Role Permissions designated for users who need to perform additional actions within their company's Certify account:

  • Administrators: Manage their company's system and/ or account configuration.
  • Auditors:  Monitor Instant Audit flagged expenses for Approvers.
  • Treasurers: Submit processed expense reports for reimbursement or Mark as Paid for manual reimbursement.
  • Translators: Create custom translations for their company. 

Each user must have a Standard User Role in Certify. One or more Special Role Permissions can be granted to users as needed in addition to their Standard User Role.

Note: Special Role Permissions can be assigned to users of any Standard User Role with the exception of Treasurer, which cannot be assigned to a user with a role of Employee. 

  • Administrator

    A User Administrator can view, edit, and create new users. Additionally, they:

    • Retain the capabilities of their assigned User role.
    • Can create and edit user records.
    • Can resend welcome emails.


    Full Administrator manages the overall system configuration of their company's account. Additionally, these users:

    • Have full access to Configuration options from their homepage.
    • Can add, update, or disable users.


  • Auditor

    For companies using Certify InstantAudit, the Auditor permission is assigned by the Administrator and can be added to any standard Certify User Role. The Auditor:

    • Retains the capabilities of the Standard User Role.
    • Monitors flagged expenses using the Auditor-specific InstantAudit Alerts queue.
    • Leaves notes and marks flagged expenses as either in- or out-of-compliance; this extra information helps Approvers make better informed decisions.
    • Influences the approval process, but is not a part of the approval path.


  • Treasurer

    Treasurers manage approved expense reimbursements to users in Certify Payments or ACH is enabled.

    Additionally, they:

    • Can View/Print/Export the ACH Reimbursement History Report.
    • Retain all capabilities of their assigned User role.



  • Translator

    Translator creates custom translations for specific phrases and words used within their company's Certify system. Additionally, these users:

    • Can be assigned to any Certify user role.
    • Have the ability to create custom translations for the languages used in their Certify company account.




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