Approving with InstantAudit

With InstantAuditApprovers gain beneficial information to help make approval decisions. When a Submitter sends an expense report for reimbursement, Certify InstantAudit combs through the expenses, and flags those that fall into any of the InstantAudit Rules set by the Certify Administrator. Flagged expenses are then sent to the Approval Requests page with the Audit flag to indicate the expense needs extra attention.

This article shows you, a Certify Approver, how to view InstantAudit flags on your Approval Requests page.

1. On your Certify homepage, click Approval Requests.


2. The Approval Requests page opens. Click the View icon to view the Submitter's expense report.


3. You now have three data points that can help inform a better approval decision:

  • InstantAudit Flag: A flag in the Audit column indicates if the expense has triggered one of your company's InstantAudit rules.
  • Submitter's return Reply note from the Inquiry
  • Auditor's note

Status indicates that an Inquiry is pending with the submitter. It can be helpful in letting the Approver know to ignore this report until the submitter answers.


You can now approve your expenses as normal, using the InstantAudit flags to help make your approval decision.

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