Disapproving an Expense Report

Occasionally, you may need to disapprove an expense report due to policy violations or other issues. A disapproved expense report is sent back to the submitter's Drafts folder where they can make edits and resubmit their expense report. 

1. On your Certify homepage, click Approval Requests.


2. On the next page, you will see all of the expense reports awaiting your approval. To view a specific expense report, click the Employee name or the view (document) icon under the View column. This will open the expense report in a new browser window.


3. To disapprove the entire expense report, select Disapprove Expense Report next to Actions. When you select Disapprove Expense Report, a popup will advise you that the expense report will be sent back to the submitter, and will ask you to confirm the disapproval. Click Yes to continue the disapproval process.



4. By selecting Disapprove Expense Report, an email preview will be displayed where you can enter text for the submitter in the Enter your comments in the field provided. Click Next to complete the disapproval process.


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