Checking your Expense Report Status

After an expense report is submitted, it must go through an approval workflow before it can be processed and reimbursed. This article shows you how to track the status of an expense report in Certify.

There are four expense report status types: 

  • Draft: A report that has not yet been submitted for approval
  • Pending Approval: A report that has been submitted and is waiting for approver actions
  • Pending Payment: A report that has been approved and fully processed, but reimbursement has not yet been received
  • Archived: A report that has been approved, processed, and reimbursed, that has been moved to the Archived folder for permanent storage

These categories reflect the flow of the expense report process in Certify. An expense report that is currently being created, or that is completed but not yet submitted, is in Draft status. Once it has been submitted, the status changes to Pending Approval. When the report is processed and you are awaiting reimbursement, the report status changes to Pending Payment. When you have received a reimbursement for an expense report, you are prompted to mark the report as paid, and the report is then Archived.

Please Note: From time to time, an expense report you submitted may have been approved and processed with a disapproved expense line. When this happens, you may access the processed expense report and copy the disapproved receipt and save it to your Certify Wallet. To do so, select Pending Payment, then the Name of expense report you want to access. On the disapproved expense line, click the red (plus) icon. A popup window will be displayed, asking you to confirm receipt copy creation; click Yes to continue.  

Viewing Approval History  

1. On your account homepage, under the My Expense Reports area, select an expense report status from the options provided. 


2. Select an expense report Name.


3. On the My Expense Report page, you can view the full history of the expense report approval activity under Approval History.


4. Click Full Approval History to view all approval activity details for the expense report.


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