Using Expense Report Allocations

Expense Report Allocations is a feature that allows users to select multiple departments or general ledger dimensions, and enter percentages for cost-sharing for each expense report. Allocations can be enabled by the Certify Administrator at your company and used as needed by users creating draft expense reports. This article shows you how to submit an expense report using allocations.

1. On your account homepage, under My Expense Reports, select Drafts.


2. Under My Expense Reports, select the Name of the expense report you want to open.


3. Click the edit icon next to Allocations in the expense report header. 


4. Select the first Department or general ledger dimension element from the drop-down menu and click Add.


5. Select one or more additional Departments or general ledger dimensions for allocation.


6. Enter the allocation percentages or select Divide Evenly to have the percentages divided evenly between all of the allocation selections.


7. Click Save to save your allocations and return to the expense report. The allocation distribution will appear above the expense report grid, as well as in the Totals


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