Printing an Expense Report

Certify provides a printer-friendly version of your expense reports should you prefer to keep hard copies. This article shows you how to use the Print Report feature. 

1. On your account homepage, select the option under My Expense Reports that contains the expense report.


2. Click the Name of the expense report you would like to print.


3. Select Print Report, located below the Summary section. If the expense report is currently located in your Drafts folder, the Print Report option will be located below Submit for Approval link. 


4. You may now print the report using the browser print functionality. Click the checkboxes to Include receipt images and/or Include analysis chart. Additionally, you may select the options Export to Excel or View as PDF.

Please Note: If the expense report contains PDF images, we recommend printing from the View as PDF option. 


Please Note: For expenses with currency conversion, the Print view will also note original and converted currencies for reference.


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