Managing Potential Duplicate Expenses

Certify identifies and flags potential duplicate expenses as any past or current expenses having the same date and amount. Such expenses are indicated by a red exclamation mark in the Details column of the expense report. This article describes how to review potential duplicate expenses. 

1. Open your expense report. Click the arrow (>) button in the Details column of the report. The button will include a link to view the past expense report containing the other potential duplicate expense line. 

Please Note: a link will not appear if the potential duplicate expense is on the same expense report. 


2. Review the potential duplicate by using the View Potential Duplicate link. The link will bring you to the past report, with the potential duplicate highlighted.



3. If the current expense is not a duplicate, it may be helpful to add a note in the Reason field as the red flag will stay on the expense report. 


4. If the current expense is a duplicate, use the Other Actions button to delete the expense from the report. 


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