Using Previous Splits

Certify enables users to split an expense between various departments, expense categories, and general ledger dimensions. 

The Previous Splits feature will retain previously-created splits and make them available for reuse. 

1. On your account homepage, select Drafts


2. Select the Name of the expense report you want to open.


3. Split an expense. Select Split Expense in the Other Actions Menu.


4. Change the department, expense category, or general ledger dimension, and enter the dollar amount for the first split. Click Save.

You may also click Split Again if more splits are needed for this expense.


5. The expenses will now show their split allocations on the report. This split allocation will be saved for future use.


6. The Previous Splits pane will be presented when using Split Expense for future expenses. Click the previous split to apply to the current expense, then Save.


7. The Previous Split allocations are now applied to the new expense on the report.


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