Submitting Reports with Missing Receipts

Receipt requirements depend on your company's policy preference - whether they are always required, or only required after a certain dollar amount. In both cases, if you are still missing a receipt, Certify will still allow you to submit your expense report for approval.

The expense line missing a receipt will be flagged, but you will still be able to click Submit at the top.


Please Note:

  • If it is an out-of-pocket expense that does not have a physical receipt to begin with or was lost, simply include the expense details with the Add Expense feature on Certify Mobile or also at the bottom of an existing expense report.


  • If it is a credit card expense that imported into your Certify Wallet, in which you do not have the receipt to match, still include it on your expense report. 

For more information about your company's rules and preferences, please contact your Certify Administrator. You will find their contact information on your Support tab by clicking the question mark icon.



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