Adding a Receipt to Multiple Expense Lines in a Draft Report

When creating an expense report, you can add one receipt to multiple expense lines. For example, you may want to do this if a tip is charged to your credit card as a separate transaction than your meal.

This article shows you how to add one receipt to multiple expense lines in a draft report.

1. Once you've created an expense report, click Drafts on your homepage to access it.


2. Click the expense report you'd like to edit.


3. Click the pencil icon next to the expense line to add the receipt to.


4. Click Select to attach the receipt to the expense.


5. Click Save to complete.


6. The receipt is added to the Draft Expense Report. To add the same receipt to another expense line, click the pencil icon next to another expense.


7. The receipt you previously added will be grayed out, but you can still click Select to add it to this expense line.


8. Click Save to complete.



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