Responding to an InstantAudit Inquiry

If your company uses Certify InstantAudit, you might find an Audit Inquiry waiting for you when you log in to your Certify Account. 

This article shows you, a Certify Expense Report Submitter, how to work with an Audit Inquiry.

1. When you log into your Certify account, instead of your homepage, the Pending Expense Inquiries page opens. Click the Open icon.

Please NoteThese inquiries are automatic. Even though it says your Approver sent it to you, the inquiry was automatically generated by Certify's InstantAudit tool.


2. The Expense Inquiry screen opens. Use this screen to respond to the inquiry.

Please Note: Depending on how your company uses InstantAudit, you may or may not be able to edit the expense.


3. Enter the following details:

  • Reply: Enter your response to the Inquiry. If you need further information, contact your Approver.
  • Receipt: There are two options for working with an incorrect receipt:
    • Change Receipt: Click this to open your Wallet where you can choose from your uploaded receipts. Once changed, this receipt takes the place of the original linked receipt. The original is sent back to your Wallet.
    • Add Image: Click this link to upload additional, supporting information to the receipt you already have linked to the expense.
  • View Report: Opens the expense within the report it was submitted in. 
  • Submit Reply: Select this to send the reply to your Approver. The Inquiry is then removed from your home screen.



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