Using Multiple Currencies

Certify provides a currency conversion feature that allows you to report expenses in a foreign currency and have the expense amounts converted to your default currency. This article shows you how to report expenses in foreign currency.

Certify partners with Xignite to provide currency conversion rates for hundreds of currency combinations.

Xignite integrates FX rate data from multiple leading data providers, including Morningstar, SwissQuote, and Rada FX, to provide the highest level of liquidity, coverage, and redundancy. The original contributors of Xignite's FX rates are Allied Irish, Commerzbank, Den Norske Bank, European Central Bank, Nordea Bank, SAXO, UBS, Banca D’Italia, Banco de Espana, SA, Banco de Mexico, Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Banque de France.

Please Note: To enable multiple currencies for your account, please see our Configuring Multiple Currencies article.  

1. On your account homepage, under My Expense Reports, select Drafts.


2. Under My Expense Reports, select the Name of the expense report you want to open.


3. Under My Certify Wallet, open the receipt you would like to add to your report by clicking Add next to the receipt name.


4. Click Edit or use the Cleanup Wizard to open the new expense line and enter the applicable details. 


5. Select the appropriate currency in the drop-down. Click Save when you are finished with all of the expense details. 


6. View the conversion rate by hovering your cursor over the green triangle next to the expense amount. 



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