Managing the Billable and Reimbursable Status

When adding an expense to your expense report, you are given the option to classify each expense as Billable or Non-Billable, and Reimbursable or Non-Reimbursable.

This article will show you, a Certify Admin, definitions of billable and reimbursable statuses as well as how to default billable and reimbursable statuses.

Please NoteIf you do not see these options available, please contact Support.

Billable - An expense should be classified as billable if it needs to be paid by a third party, such as an outside client or vendor

Non-Billable - If the expense does not involve a third party or outside vendor, the expense should not be classified as billable


Reimbursable - An expense should be classified as reimbursable if it is something a user paid out of pocket and needs to be reimbursed by the company; any expenses charged to a personal credit card should be classified as reimbursable

Non-Reimbursable - An expense is classified as non-reimbursable if the user does not expect to be reimbursed; anything charged on a company credit card should be classified as non-reimbursable


To default Billable and Reimbursable statuses:

1. On your Certify homepage, click the gear icon.


2. Click View and Edit Departments.


3. Search for the Department you'd like to edit by entering a Department Name or Department Code. Alternatively, you can click Submit to see a list of all Departments.


4. Choose which Department you'd like to edit by clicking the pencil icon.


5. From here, you can choose to Hide Billable or Hide Reimbursable department-wide. 

  • Select Yes if all expenses from this department should always be automatically marked Billable or Reimbursable.
  • Select No if all expenses from this department should not be automatically marked Billable or Reimbursable


6. Additionally, you can default your Billable status by Expense Category. Going back to the Configuration page, click View and Edit Expense Categories.


7. Enter your search criteria, or click Submit to see a full list of expense categories.


8. Click the pencil icon to edit an expense category.


9. From here, you can choose to Hide Billable for this expense category

  • Select Yes if all expenses in this expense category should always be automatically marked Billable.
  • Select No if all expenses in this expense category should not be automatically marked Billable.




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