Re-Linking a Credit Card

Occasionally, your small business credit card will become un-linked with Certify. This typically happens when you change your online banking username or password, or if you reset your online banking security questions/phrases. 

This article shows you, a Certify User, how to re-link your small business credit card.

1. If Certify is unable to connect to your credit card, you will see a message on your home screen.


2. Open the My Account page and click the refresh icon next to the card number.


3. A confirmation box will appear, informing you that clicking Yes will bring you to FinicityConnect, our credit card aggregator, to complete the necessary steps to reconnect the card. Click Yes to continue.


4. Select the card you would like to fix and click Fix Issues.


5. Enter your online banking username or password to reconnect the card.


6. Finicity will connect to your online banking portal to confirm the card has been reconnected with the updated resume and password.


Upon successful reconnection, you'll be brought back to the My Account page, where the card will be returned to an active status.


8. Any missing transactions can be retrieved by opening your Certify Wallet and clicking Get Card Transactions.



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