Release Notes: August 5, 2022

Support for Multiple Emburse Card Programs


Customers utilizing multiple Emburse Card programs can now connect all card programs to a single instance in Certify!

Due to varying business reasons, customers may opt to set up multiple card programs within their organization. Up until recently, only one Emburse Card program could be linked to a single Certify instance.

Going forward, customers can connect as many Emburse Card programs as needed. Existing import rules apply will apply. Transactions will import based on the email address linked to the card. If the email address does not exist in Certify, or if the card is not assigned to a specific user, the transaction will be imported to the company’s Default Cardholder.

To access the new page, open Configuration and select Manage your Card Programs.


As part of the new page, administrators will also select their company’s Default Cardholder. This setting was previously found on the View and Edit Policy page.


With a Default Cardholder selected, Administrators can begin to connect card programs by selecting Add a Card Program.


Please Note: The Administrator connecting card programs must also be an Administrator within the Emburse Cards application.


The Administrator will then need to authenticate using their Emburse Cards username and password to complete the integration.


If the Administrator has access to multiple card programs, they will need to select which program they wish to connect.


Finally, select Authorize Application to complete the connection.


Once connected, the Administrator will see the card program listed on the Configuration screen, along with the number of cards included in the program and the connection status.



For more information, visit:

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SFTP Configuration Page is Now Live

We are pleased to announce that the SFTP Configuration page is now live! For more information, visit:

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Pay Certify Bill Link Removed

We’ve removed the Pay Certify Bill link from the Configuration page.

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