Release Notes: September 30, 2022

Data Interchanges Page

Certify is pleased to announce the launch of the Data Interchanges page, which client administrators can use to view, edit, or manually run their data interchanges (also known as data syncs). 

The page allows administrators to own interchange-related workflows, monitor, and troubleshoot independently.

To access the page, administrators should navigate to their Configuration page, and click the Manage Data Interchanges link under the System Integrations card. 


Administrators can navigate to the Interchanges, History, and Files tabs to view and edit their currently set up interchanges, the status and time of previous runs, and files that have and will be picked up by interchanges respectively. 


More information can be found in the Help Center Documentation and in our feature release video

TravelPerk Receipt Integration


Emburse Certify has partnered with TravelPerk, a leading travel booking platform in Europe, to offer our mutual customers automatic receipt import of any transaction purchased through the TravelPerk platform.

Once a traveler makes a purchase in TravelPerk, the receipt and transaction details will automatically import to the user’s Certify Wallet with all relevant details, saving the user the time of manually adding the receipt as well as entering relevant expense details.

If the user has their corporate credit card integrated with Certify, the TravelPerk receipt will automatically merge with the credit card transaction once the transaction imports to the user’s account, making reconciliation a breeze.

The receipts import from our Emburse Receipt Platform, an API based import service built for our partners to automate the receipt import process aimed at saving our users’ time.

To enable the integration, log in to the TravelPerk application as an Administrator, select Account Settings and select Integrations

Locate the Emburse Certify tile to authenticate and enable the integration.

Once authentication is complete and the two systems are connected, future purchases will automatically import as receipts to the travelers’ Certify Wallets!

Please Note: Only transactions purchased via credit card will import into Certify. Transactions invoiced to the company monthly will not import as a receipt into Certify.

For detailed instructions on enabling the integration, please view our Help Center article.

Ability to Read & Write Administrative Notes Added to Certify API

Certify Expense has added the ability to read and write Administrative Notes to the Certify API. 

Administrative Notes are private notes set by a Certify administrator or accountant for a user account. 

Clients can use the GET /users method to view Administrative Notes, and the POST /users method to update Administrative Notes - a string value as a parameter will update the existing Administrative Note, and an empty string will wipe the existing note.

For more information, please refer to the Certify API Documentation Page

Certify Application Moved to

We have completed work to migrate all non-SSO (Single Sign-On) customers to the application’s new subdomain,

SSO customers have either already moved to or are in the process of moving. If your company uses SSO but has not updated your SSO configuration, please do so immediately. Instructions can be found in our Help Center, as well as on the Certify homepage (Administrators only).

End users and Administrators will not experience any tangible differences post-migration, and user training will not be required. Users will continue to log in from the same login screen, and the application will not look any different.

If any users have Certify application pages bookmarked in their web browser, we recommend updating these bookmarks to the now updated URL. For example, the Certify application home page is changing from to


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