Release Notes: September 9, 2022


Certify Mobile 3.1.4

Certify Mobile 3.1.4 has been fully rolled out to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This version of Certify Mobile includes several security enhancements as well as fixes for the following issues:

  • Resolved an issue preventing users from filtering GSA Destinations
  • Resolved an issue impacting saved passwords

Email Notification Enhancements

Certify Expense has added enhancements to some of our email notifications, providing the user with additional context on how to proceed.

For all disapproval emails, Certify Expense has added a line informing the user that the report has been returned to their drafts folder, where further edits can be made before re-submission.

For inquiry emails, we’ve added a link to our Help Center article, providing the user with context on how to respond to inquiries. 

Active User History Report

A report has been added to Certify to help companies that are billed per active user reconcile previous bills. The report, called the Active User History Report, can be accessed through the Reporting page, in the Financial Oversight and Auditing section. 

The report shows client administrators a count of their active users as of the 1st of that month - based on which they are billed - as well as their names and email addresses. 

Please Note: The report only has data from August 2022 onwards, and will populate subsequent months as time progresses. This report will not be visible to clients on a billing plan other than per active user. 



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