Release Notes: July 15, 2022


Vendor Normalization for Point-of-Sale Systems

Popular point-of-sale (POS) systems such as Square and Toast typically add their information to any merchant or vendor data provided by credit card companies.

For example, when a user swipes their credit card at a restaurant that uses Square or Toast POS systems, the data received by Certify would look something like this:


Due to existing vendor normalization logic, the actual vendor name is lost upon import, leaving only the POS system name:


This is not relevant information for the company and requires the user to manually modify the imported data.

To save the user time and ensure expense accuracy, Certify Expense has modified the normalization logic to keep the vendor-specific details and remove the unnecessary POS system details. Going forward, transactions will import as follows: 


This change has taken effect for any transactions made through Square or Toast POS systems.

Emburse Audit Updates

Certify Expense has made improvements to our Emburse Audit offering, allowing customers to use both Emburse Audit and Spend Requests simultaneously!

For customers using Emburse Audit, our 3rd party Auditors fill the role of the first level approver during the approval process. While this works well for expense reports, it creates a problem for customers using both the Audit service along with the Spend Request feature.

To mitigate this, we’ve enhanced the Emburse Audit offering to skip the Auditor in the approval process when the user submits a Spend Request. If the user is submitting an expense report, no changes will be made and the Auditor will continue to receive those reports for review.

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