AP Release Notes: August 24, 2022


Vendor/Department Restriction

We have extended the restriction to the invoice process, once a user enables Vendor/ Department restrictions. Previously this restriction only applied to the requisition process. This means that invoice submitters only see vendors that are associated with the departments where they can submit invoices to.

Users with the Manage Dept/Vendor Assoc permission will also see a new Manage Vendor Dept Associations tile, under Configuration > Catalog Management.

In Company Preferences, Certify AP has a new setting allowing users to choose which transaction type to apply the restrictions to.

Users can choose whether to apply the restriction only on Requisitions, Invoices, or both. After configuring the preference, users will see a list of vendors associated to the appropriate departments, and a list of vendors associated with departments under their children departments as well. 

As exampled below, a user in Accounts Payable will be able to see vendors associated with Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

If the user tries to submit a requisition that is not associated with the vendor then they will see the following validation message:

On the invoice, users are prevented from saving the line item if they have selected the department not associated with the vendor.


Please Note: we will be adding a similar validation message to invoice page as well.

Credit Memo Enhancement

Certify AP is introducing a new way to link credit memo invoices to regular invoices when following the normal submission and approval process.

When reviewing a vendor invoice during the Accounting Review process, if there are fully approved credit memos then a new modal appears when approving the invoice.

Select one or more credit memos to link to the current invoice.

Click Process to approve the invoice or Cancel to close the modal.

Here are a few notes on the new credit memo process:

  • Selecting Credit Memo is optional. Users may process an invoices without selecting a Credit Memo.
  • Only fully approved credit memos are visible.
  • Only credit memo’s with the same vendor as the invoice will be visible.
  • Only the credit memo amount that is smaller or equal to the invoice is visible.
  • The total amount of the selected credit memo must be smaller or equal to the invoice.
  • Only credit memos submitted and approved after 8/17/2022 will be visible.

In the custom export builder, Certify AP has also added a new data field called Linked Invoices.

This allows users to export the linked invoices with credit memo information. The linked Credit Memo information is also found on the invoice archive.

Data Replacer via Delimiter and Position - Custom Export Builder

Certify AP has added new field types in the data fields for the custom export builder. The new fields allow companies to specify delimiter and position to replace the cell data with positioned value.

When adding a data field in the Custom Export Builder, users will now see the Delimiter field and Position in the drop-down.

The Delimiter field is used to split the data field using specified characters. The Position field is used to define the value at a specified position of split data and replaces the original data with positioned value. 

For example, if a company’s GL accounts consist of multiple segments of values as pictured below:





But in the export file, you only wish to export the second segment value of your GL code, input a Delimiter and enter the Position as 2.

Without any delimiter and position defined, the GLCode would export like this:

But with delimiter and position defined, the GLCode exports like this:

This is useful if your company data such as DeptCode, GL, or Projects consists of multiple segment values but only need to export a particular segment value.

CompanyCode via GET API

In the GET API call response, Certify AP has added the CompanyCode for the departments.

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-4248 | Incorrect QtyShip value update

An issue was found where we were not updating the qty value of matched PO line item on the invoice when the invoice is rejected that caused confusions on how many Qty is invoiced. This has been corrected.

CAP-6362 | Incorrect BillToDept Display on invoice

An issue was found where the submitted invoice was displaying line item department rather than true invoice BillToDepartment. This has been resolved.

CAP-6368 | Incorrect currency in the approval inbox

An issue was found where the new approval inbox was always showing in USD amount rather than company’s default currency. This has been resolved.

CAP-6410 | Unable to place PO from dashboard

An issue was found where users were not able to place the PO from the Home page dashboard. This has been resolved.

CAP-6318 | Unable to edit project with single quuote

An issue was found in the project page where you can unable to use single quote in the Project Name and ERPID field. This has been resolved.

CAP-6375 | Route button disappears when routing invoice

An issue was found where the Route button disappears on the invoice when the user tries to route the invoice for approval and then closes the approval route modal. This has been resolved.

CAP-6388 | Dashboard: Create date has different dateformat

An issue was found on the main Home page dashboard where the CreateDate column showed different date format than other date columns. This has been resolved.

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