AP Release Notes: October 3, 2022

Updated Custom Export Builder

Certify AP has added a new way for a client to export the invoice dates with their custom export file. In the Custom Export Builder page, when you click on the Data Field drop-down, you will now see 3 additional options for Invoice Date, Due Date, and Posting Date.

Here is an example of a custom Invoice Date:

These are available in the Concatenated Field option which allows you to export the dates in the format (for ex, dd-mm-yyyy) that you need rather than default date format.

Please Note: When filling in a custom year, it must be in YYYY form.

Add Footer Item - Approval Inbox

If your company has enabled Allow Approvers to add line-item, then as an invoice approver you now can add a footer to the invoice during the approval process. This also applies to the accounting reviewers as well.

Click the Add Footer button.

Click the drop-down and select the footer type.

Enter the footer amount and allocate the footer.

Click Save to add the footer to the invoice.

You are required to enter a comment after you add the footer to the invoice. Click the View / Edit link under the Comments section to add a comment.


Bug Fix Notes




CAP-6321 | Approval Inbox Reset not clearing some fields

An issue was found where the selected filters were not getting cleared out when clicking RESET button. This has been resolved.

CAP-6424 | Unable to enter large digit amount

An issue was found where clients were not able to enter more than 8 digit amount. We have increased the limit to 9 digits (under 1billion).

CAP-6523/6528 | Delete Attachment Issue

An issue was found where the deleting the attachment on the rejected/retracted transaction did not update the database properly. This has been resolved.

CAP-6533 | Vendor/Dept Restriction not working on Credit Memo

An issue was found where the vendor/dept restriction was not getting applied during the credit memo submission. This has been resolved.

CAP-6572 | Catalog list not filtered based on default dept

An issue was found where if the vendor/dept restriction is enabled and user selects default dept during requisition creation process, the catalog list was not filtered based on default dept selection. This has been resolved.

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