Integrating Emburse Cards

Certify integrates with Emburse Cards, Emburse's corporate card solution that allows companies to issue virtual and physical cards instantly with built-in budgets to manage corporate spending.

If you use both Certify and Emburse Cards, you can integrate your card program so that your Emburse Card transactions are automatically imported to the appropriate user's Certify Wallet.

1. On your Certify homepage, click the gear icon.


2. Under System Integrations, click Manage your Card Programs.  


3. Click Add a Card Program.


4. Sign in to your Emburse Card account to grant Certify access to your Emburse Card program.


5. Once complete, transactions will begin to import automatically to users' Certify Wallets by matching on email addresses. Card numbers will be auto-assigned to the cardholder's Certify profile on import, so card numbers do not need to be added manually.


In rare situations, an Emburse Card may not be assigned an email address, or the email address assigned to the card may not exist in Certify. If this occurs, Certify will import the transactions to the Emburse Cards Default Cardholder that you assign.

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