Managing and Editing User Records

After creating a new user, Administrators can manage and edit each user's settings page to update approval workflows and account information. This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, how to search for a user, as well as how to view and edit user settings.

Edit Users

1. Select the Gear icon to open the System Configuration page.

2. Select Manage Users under the User Accounts and Billing section. 

3. On the Manage Users page, administrators can search for users using their name, account status, and/ or role, or they can select Advanced Filters for more specific user filtering. 

4. Click the Tri-dot icon () to open the other actions menu. 

The Other Actions menu allows administrators to do the following:

  • Edit User - Opens the User Details page, where admins can update the user's General Settings, Department, and Currency as well as assign Roles and Special Role Permissions.
  • Resend Welcome Email - Resend the welcome email for this user. 
  • Temporary Password - Allows admins to assign a temporary password to a user.  
  • Create Temporary Login URL - Emails a temporary login URL to this user. 
  • Switch to User - Allows Admins to log in to that user's account and take actions on behalf of that user.  
  • Approver For - Filters the User Records section to show all employees to whom this user is assigned as an approver. 
  • Accountant For - Filters the User Records section to show all employees to whom this user is assigned as an accountant. 

5. Select Edit User to open the User Details window. 

6. Administrators can edit the following; the user's name, email address, email address status (if Certify has ever received a returned email, this will appear as Failed Delivery - Do Not Send), employee ID, default currency, commute distance, role, and department; you may also designate a user to have Certify Administrative permissions by selecting the option from the dropdown menu. 

For more information on User Roles or Special Role Permissions visit the User Role Overview or Special Role Permissions articles in our help center. 

4. Click Save Changes when finished.

Deactivate Users

 On the User Details page, at the top of the screen is an Active Account checkbox. 

2. Un-check the box to disable the user account, and click Save Changes when finished. 


Disabled users will no longer be able to access their Certify accounts, however, all of their user records will remain intact. If you are signed up for per-user pricing, disabled users will also be removed from your monthly Certify invoice.

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