Expense Types in Certify

All expenses in Certify require an expense date and amount. When you create your organization's expense categories in Certify, you will select a basic Expense Type, which determines which fields are required for expenses in that category.

The Certify Expense Types are:

  • Cash Expense
  • Hourly Rate
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Mileage
  • Per Diem
  • Rental
  • Travel

The Expense Type determines the default fields that will be included for any expense within a category. You can also include and require custom fields using General Ledger Dimensions.

Cash Expense

This is the most basic type of expense; requires Vendor and Location


Hourly Rate

Users enter their location and the number of hours they need to be reimbursed for; the amount is then automatically calculated based on the configured rate 



Lodging expenses require Hotel, Location, Check-in and Check-out dates; the daily lodging rate is automatically calculated based on the Check-in and Check-out dates



Meal expenses require Vendor, Location, and Attendees. The Attendees field can be configured as free-text or detailed



Mileage expenses calculate the reimbursement amount based on the number of miles traveled and the mileage rate configured


Per Diem

Per diem expenses require the number of days for which a per diem amount is applied; the amount is automatically calculated based on a configured rate



This expense requires Company, Location, Pick-up, and Drop-off dates; the daily rate is automatically calculated based on the Pick-up and Drop-off dates



This expense is for airfare tickets and requires the Carrier, as well as the To and From locations


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