Using the Credit Card Import Tool

The Credit Card Import tool enables bulk loading of credit card numbers to Certify accounts for corporate credit cards. This article shows you, as a Certify Administrator, how to enter appropriate values into the Credit Card Import tool.

This tool is available to those with corporate credit card integrations only. Small Business integrations do not apply as extra information is required in addition to the credit card number.

1. On your account homepage, click the gear icon.


2. On the System Configuration page, under User Accounts and Billing, select Credit Card Import.


3. Select the credit card program for the upload. Review the required format on the Credit Card Import page and enter the data.



4. Click Next to continue the Credit Card Import process. When the process is complete, a confirmation screen will display:


If there is a problem with the upload, a notification will display: mceclip3.png

5. When the Credit Card Import is complete, the user’s My Account page will be updated with a security-masked version of the credit card number:


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