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If you experience difficulty using the Certify Mobile app, you may want to access Certify's Tools & Support page. This article shows you how to use the Tools and Support menu in the Certify Mobile app. 

1. On the Certify Mobile homescreen, tap Tools & Support.



2. On the Tools & Support page, you have several options:


Photo MethodNormal, the recommended setting, allows you to take a normal photo and save it at the selected resolution. Compatible gives the same result as Normal, but encodes the image differently. High Compression compresses the image's file size and Small Images scales the image to half of its normal size. While the last three options aren't recommended, they are helpful if you have trouble taking photos, a slow device, or have little available storage left on your device.


Receipt Resolution - Select a preferred photo resolution instead of being prompted each time; you may select High, Medium, Low, Gallery, or Ask me every time; for the best Autofill results, we recommend using High resolution


Sync Method - Allow Certify Mobile to automatically sync in the background, this helps ensure all account settings are up to date


Currency Entry - Select if you want to default to your device's Numeric Keyboard or Default Keyboard when entering amounts.





Delete Local Receipts - Deletes all receipts on your device that have not yet been synced

Delete Local Expenses - Deletes all expenses on your device that have not yet been synced

Delete All and Initialize - Deletes all receipts and expenses that have not been synced, and resets your account settings; on the next screen, select Yes to confirm the deletion


Please Note: Once receipts or expenses are deleted from Certify Mobile, they cannot be recovered.

Share Diagnostic Information - If you are having difficulty with the Certify Mobile app, complete each field in the form to submit a report to the Certify Support Team. Please include as much detail as possible. Your description, along with some diagnostic information, will be sent to our Support Experts, who will follow up with you shortly. 


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