Setting Approval Chains for User-Based Approval

User-Based Approval is an approval chain created specifically for an individual employee. You can designate one or more approvers for a submitter. There are no approval dollar limits associated with this approval chain.

Before setting approval chains, first enable user-based approval.

This article will show you, a Certify Administrator, how to set approval chains for User-Based Approval.

1. On your Certify AP account homepage, click the gear icon.


2. Click User-Based Approvals.


3. Search for a user by entering the user's name in the field provided and clicking Search. Or, select the user's name from the list.


4. Here, you will see all users who have the approval permission (at the company level or in the selected user's department) to join this user's approval chain. To search for a new user to add, enter their name and click Search.


5. Click Add to add an approver to this user's Approval Chain. You can add multiple approvers to the approval chain.


6. Each approver you choose appears in the Approval Chain. Scroll down to the Approval Chain to decide which transaction type each approver approves in this chain. Mark the checkbox under Purchase Requisition or Invoice to set that approver to approve that transaction type for this employee.

Please Note: If an approver does not have approval permissions for Purchase Requisitions or Invoices, the checkbox under the document type they cannot approve is grayed out and cannot be marked.


7. Under Approval Chain, the approvers appear in the order of the approval chain. The approver at the top is the first to approve a Purchase Requisition or Invoice, the approver in the second row is second to approve the transaction, and so on. To set or change the order of approvers, click the Up or Down next to the approver's name.


8. When complete, click Save & Close.


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