Locating the User Approval Delegation Page

As a Certify AP Administrator, you have the ability to assign delegate approvers for yourself and for other employees in your company. After enabling Approval Delegation, users without delegate approvers can be found using the User Approval Delegation page.  

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable Employee, how to locate the User Approval Delegation page.

1. On your Certify AP account homepage, select the Gear icon to open the Configuration page.


2. On the Configuration page, select User Approval Delegation.


3. Enter the user's name in the field provided, and click Search.

Please Note: To see all users who can have delegate approvers, click Search without entering any information into the search fields.


The user’s Name, Email, Status, and the Start/End Date for when the delegate approver is needed, appears in the table below.


4. To set delegate approvers for this user, select the user’s name.



The User Approval Delegation page opens. From here, select the approval delegates for the user, and set the date range for when those delegates are needed. 




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