Managing AP Company Logos

If you'd like your own company logo on the documents generated by Certify AP (such as Purchase Orders and Check Requests), you can upload an image of your company logo. The image file must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be a .jpg or .gif image.
  • The maximum file size is 250K.
  • The maximum width is 255 pixels.
  • The maximum height is 255 pixels.
  • The image file should be optimized to display properly on a white background.

1. On your Certify AP account homepage click the gear icon.


2. Click Manage Logos.


The Manage Logos page opens. Because this is a new account, a blue message at the top informs that you have no logos saved.


3. To upload your logo, click Choose file and select the image file from your computer.


4. After selecting the file from your computer, click Upload.


5. Under Current logo(s) and document associations, mark the checkboxes under the document types that should display this logo:

  • Mark the checkbox in the Display on Check Request column to display this logo on Check Requests.
  • Mark the checkbox in the Display on Purchase Order column to display this logo on Purchase Orders.


If you need to delete the logo, click on the Delete (  ) icon.


6. To add the logo to the your account, click Save.


The logo is saved. After you save the logo, the Delete (  ) icon is grayed out and cannot be selected.

Deleting a Company Logo

To delete a logo after saving it, first unmark both checkboxes and click Save.


Then, you can delete the logo by clicking the Delete (  ) icon.


Adding a Second Logo

You may upload an additional logo for your company. 

Please Note: You cannot put more than one logo on Check Requests or Purchase Orders. However, you can mark one log to display on Check Requests and the other to display on Purchase Orders.


Logos per Department

To upload logos across a range of department levels, you may use the logo upload setting in Department Preferences.





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