Searching the AP Configuration Page

As you configure your account, you need to access user, department, and role information in the department tree. To find users, departments, or roles on the Configuration page, click the Expand ( ) icon next to any department's name to see its sub-departments, users, or roles.


In a large company, or a company with multiple departments and sub-departments, finding individual users, departments, and roles may be difficult. To find users, departments, and roles quickly, use the Search tool on the Configuration page.

1. On the Configuration page, click Search.


2. A separate Find Object window pops up. Click on the Object Type drop-down menu and select the object to find: User, Department, or Role.


3. Enter the name of the object in the Search Text field. Then, click Search.


4. The object appears below. Select the User (  ), Department (  ), or Role (  ) icon to see the object’s information.



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