Using the Department Preferences Tab

In the Department Preferences tab, select your preferences for how the department operates within the customer’s department hierarchy.

1. On your Certify AP homepage click the gear icon.


2. Click your company name.


3. Click the Department Preferences tab.


In the General Controls section, choose the customer’s settings for preferences and projects.


By default, preferences inherit from parent departments. However, when a child department has explicit preferences set, it will stop inheriting from the parent.

To ensure that the settings you chose on this Department Preferences tab apply to every child department (sub department) of this department, mark the Overwrite the child department preferences checkbox.

Please NoteThe settings you chose on the Company Preferences tab automatically apply to child departments of this department.


Click OK to confirm this overwrite.


The Require Projects preference only appears if you marked the Track Projects checkbox in Company Preferences. Mark this checkbox to require users to associate a project to line items on a Purchase Requisition or Invoice.


Use the Budgeting tab to assign projects to departments. Use the Transactions section to set the customer’s settings for purchasing and billing.


Mark the Check Prior Purchases checkbox to help users avoid duplicate ordering of items that have been recently ordered. To let Certify AP warn a Purchase Requisition submitter that a line item has been ordered within a certain number of days in the past, enter a number of days in the field provided. This warning is an icon that appears next to the line item in the Purchase Requisition.


Mark the Bill To This Department checkbox to cause transactions from this department to be billed to the address in the View tab for this department. This address displays on Purchase Orders and Invoices.


If you do not select this checkbox, Purchase Orders and Invoices use the company’s billing address. 

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