Managing Certify AP Departments

When syncing Certify Expense departments to Certify AP, all departments become parent departments at the company-level. To configure the hierarchy of the customer's parent and child departments, you can change the position of departments in the hierarchy.

If you try to change the position of a department in the hierarchy tree and there is an SAF approval already configured, the system will not allow you to move the department without deleting the SAF first, moving the department and rebuilding the SAF.

This article shows you, a Certify AP Admin, how departments are synced from Certify Expense and how to move these departments in Certify AP.

1. On your Certify AP homepage, click the gear icon.


2. All departments begin as parent departments under the company-level. To change a department to a child department, click the name from the hierarchy.

Please Note: The company name and departments are automatically in the correct positions in the hierarchy. You only need to change the position of the child departments.


3. In the Edit tab, click Change the position of this department in the hierarchy.


4. From here, click the name of the department that should be the parent department.


5. Click Process Move.


In the department tree, the department you moved now appears under the new parent department as a child department.


6. Repeat the previous steps if necessary for other child departments. To make a department the child of a child department, click the first child department on the Move Department page.


To change the child department back into a parent department under the company-level, click the company-level as the child department's new parent.


Deactivating Departments

1. To deactivate a department, first switch to Certify Expense and click the gear icon.


2. Next, click View and Edit Departments.


3. To view all your departments, leave the search fields blank and click Submit. Or, enter search terms for the specific department you're looking for.


4. Click the X next to the department to deactivate.


5. Finally, click Yes. The department is now deactivated.


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