Managing Invoice Submissions from Invoice Capture

Invoice Capture, a Certify AP feature, allows clients to have their invoices forwarded from their vendors to Certify AP for invoice OCR scanning and image capture. Certify AP then takes the OCR data and images to build invoices using the AP Automation feature.

Upon invoice submission by the vendor, invoices will run through an OCR process to obtain the invoice header and line item data. All invoices are scanned and saved to a PDF document, which will show up as an attachment on your electronic invoice.

Invoices submitted both physically and electronically will be processed into the application by 1:00 PM ET and delivered by 5:00 PM ET the following business day.

Please Note: If errors occur during the Invoice Capture process, an email will be sent to the Certify Team to resolve the issue.

Once the invoice has been sent by the vendor and run through the Invoice Capture process, Invoice Submitters will find the invoices ready for their review and routed to their Unassigned Invoice Queue.

To view the Unassigned Invoices there are two options, either from My Submissions, or from the Invoice Creations Page.

From My Submissions

1. To access the Unassigned Invoice Queue, login to Certify AP and scroll down to My Submissions and click Invoices.


2. Use the Filter By bar to select Unassigned Invoices, once selected all the Unassigned Invoices will be displayed.


3. Click on an Invoice Number to review the Invoice, this will assign the Invoice to your queue.


From Invoice Creation Page

1. To access the Unassigned Invoice Queue, login to Certify AP and click on the CREATE drop-down, then click New Invoice.


2. Once the Submit Invoice page opens, scroll down to the Unassigned Invoice
Queue section.


3. Select an Unassigned Invoice to review the Invoice Capture and make any
necessary corrections to line details.

To Move Invoice Back to Unassigned Invoice Queue

1. From within the Invoice click on Move to Queue.



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