Uploading Invoices via Invoice OCR

Invoice OCR, a Certify AP feature, allows clients to upload or email their vendor invoices to Certify AP, extract key invoice data automatically, and quickly capture it in the system. 

This article shows you, a Certify AP Invoice Submitter, how to upload an invoice via Invoice OCR

File Requirements

In order to upload an invoice, it must meet the following file requirements:

  • File Size -- The file must be less than 10MB or up to 10 pages.
  • File Format -- The file must be in either PDF, JPG, or PNG format. 
  • # of Invoices Per File -- The file must contain a single invoice. Files with multiple invoices cannot be processed.

Upload an Invoice

1. Click the Create button on the Certify AP Dashboard, then select Invoice Upload from the drop-down menu.


2. Add invoice files to the Invoice Upload page. Submitters can upload multiple files at once.


Using their Certify email, users can also email vendor invoices directly via invoiceocr@ap.certify.com.

3. Once the files are added to the page, click UPLOAD. View OCR progress on the page as invoices are captured and created in Certify AP.


5. Once an invoice is successfully created, an Invoice Number appears. Click the Invoice Number to review the created invoice.

6. Edit the invoice as needed, then submit it for approval.

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