Creating a Credit Card Invoice from Assigned Charges

In Certify AP, there are various ways to indicate a purchasing invoice that has been paid with a credit card. You will need to have either a credit card charge assigned to you, or have an assigned credit card with uploaded charges.

This article shows you, a Certify AP User with assigned credit card charges, how to submit a credit card invoice.

1. On the Purchasing Cards page, select Match Charges.


2. The Match Charges page opens. Click the charge to match to an invoice, then click Matched to an Invoice.


3. The Submit Invoice page opens. Click one of the two buttons at the top: 

  • Select a Vendor: Choose this if the Invoice contains items from multiple Purchase Orders.
  • Enter a PO Number: Choose this if the Invoice contains items from one Purchase Order.

If you choose Select a Vendor, choose the vendor's name from the list below. If you choose Enter a PO Number, enter the Purchase Order Number in the Enter PO Number field.


5. Enter a date for the Invoice in the Enter Invoice Date field. 


6. Enter a number for this invoice in the Enter Invoice Number field. You can also click the generate icon to have Certify AP generate a number for you.


7. Click Create Invoice.


The Submit Invoice page opens. View our article on Submitting a Purchasing Invoice for further information.

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