Approving a Requisition

When an employee submits a purchase requisition, it goes to an internal approver for approval before moving forward in workflow. 

This article will show you, a Certify AP Approver, how to approve a purchase requisition.

Viewing Requisition Details

1. Any purchase requisitions that have been submitted for your approval are found under Approvals Needed, in the Requisitions tile. Click the Requisitions tile to open the Approval Inbox


2. This is your Approval Inbox. You'll see everything that has been sent to you for approval here. To just see requisitions, click the Requisitions tab.


If your company has enabled Quick Approve, you may see the Approve Selected button. If you know you'd like to approve the requisition without opening it, click the checkbox to the left of the requisition, then click Approve Selected.


3. Click the requisition title to view the Requisition Details



4. This is the Requisition Details page. Everything that has been entered in the requisition will be shown here. Click on a line item to see all of the line-item details.

5. Under the Allocations tab in the Line Item Details window, approvers can edit the GL and the Project.

Please Note: Approvers must have the Allow Approvers Edit During Approval Process permission enabled to edit line item details. 

6. Click Save to finish. 

7. Under the Comments tab, approvers may view any comments the employee may have attached to the individual item. 

Approvers can also enter their own internal comments to the line item here by clicking Add Comment

Approving/ Denying a Requisition

1. There are two icon columns:


  • Checkmark: This will approve all items in the requisition.
  • X: This will reject all items in the requisitions.

Alternatively, use these icons per line item and reject, or approve each individual item.

2. Make sure all line items have been approved, or rejected.

3. At the top of the screen, approvers have multiple options to move forward:

  • Route to Approver: This gives you the ability to send the requisition to another approver to review.
  • Budget Report: Creates a Project Budget Report
  • Reset Changes: This will undo any changes made to this requisition and reset them to the original values entered.
  • Process: This allows approvers to send the requisition further in workflow if approved, or back to the submitter if rejected.

4. Click Process to continue.

You'll be brought back to your Approval Inbox. The submitter will get an email that you've approved the requisition and can then create a purchase order.



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